Do you dream about how to reach more people with the good news of Jesus?

Does the idea of leading a church without boundaries excite you?

Are you a dreamer? Who starts things? And others get on board?

Have you been successful in ministry but you’re starting to ask God ‘what next?’

Then you might be a church planter! Shaped by God to start and lead your own church.

But why start a church? Don’t we have enough already?  No!

The more churches, the more followers of Jesus. The way Jesus put it is

the harvest is plentiful. The workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field’

 McDonalds has served over 300 billion hamburgers.  How did they do that. By having 37,000 stores! They didn’t ‘reach with world with Big Macs by doubling the number of burgers sold at each store. They doubled, and tripled and quadrupled the number of stores. What’s the secret? More stores! 37,000.

 Each church certainly should work to reach more lost and unchurched people. But the world will be reached as we start more churches. The more churches, the more followers of Jesus. Some of them will be small. Some will be large. A few will be huge. And the number of disciples will grow.

Paul the Apostle knew something that the church in its 2000 years has confirmed over and over again- The most effective way to reach more lost people is the multiplication of new and healthy churches! New churches are vastly more effective in reaching people for Christ. They have higher conversion rates. Higher baptism rates. Higher creativity. AND they stir existing churches up to try new and innovative methods. New churches are the ‘research and development’ department of the Kingdom of God!

Church planting is an exciting opportunity to build your dream and His Kingdom. A new pastor in an existing church is selected, hired and employed by the people of the church. In a church plant people join the planter and his dream. The planter is forever the first person in the new church and people join him because they like him and believe in his dream! It’s an exciting dynamic when the planter and his people are pulling together…for Him!

 How about you? Are you asking ‘What Next?’ Are you wired to be first chair? Do you want to lead people to Christ?  Are you ready to build your God-given dream?